Group Income Pool (GIP)

Maximization of current income while adhering to Regent established investment guidelines. Principal appreciation is a secondary objective of the pool.

These are the longer term operating reserves of the University created from auziliary enterprises, depreciation and departmental reserves. The reserves support various capital and infrastructure needs. The y will eventually be used for the activities of various auxiliary-enterprise and support- service units and as longer-term plant funds for a number of identified capital projects. When current income is the main goal, non-gift funds with a specific purpose, which will not be expended for at least three years, should be invested in GIP. GIP is accounted for on a unitized market basis. The value of the units purchased changes monthly depending on market fluctuations.

GIP represents assets invested for the purpose of various auxialiary and supporting-service units as well as long-term capital purposes. All income received from investments is available for spending and is invested in global fixed-income securities. Participation requires a $25,000 minimum balance and all non-sponsored accounts within the related college must have positive aggregated balances. If the balance falls below the minimum the balance must be brought up to $25k within 2 months or participation ceased. Particpation starts at the beginning of the month following the request to participate. And purchases are made based on the prior month's market value per share. Withdrawals are subject to gain or loss based on the pool's market value per share . Withdrawn funds are credited to the target account during the month the request is received. Income is distributed on a quarterly basis (October, January, April and June) based on the 12 month average of the 10 year constant maturity treasury yield. This yield is applied to the 12 month average market value of the pool. Income may be reinvested, distributed to a current account or a combination of both.